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5 Budget-Friendly, Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Are you looking for Valentine’s Day date ideas that are wallet-friendly, but don’t make you look like a cheapskate? Well, you’re in luck, as we have some great ideas for you, where you can enjoy your favorite things and save money at the same time. While this is easy to do, you must remember to plan ahead, as spending a few minutes planning out your Valentine’s Day evening will have great benefits in the long run.

Order a la carte this Valentine’s Day

While restaurant’s prix-fixe menus sound absolutely divine, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to order them, especially on a holiday – as oftentimes, they’re cheaper to order the items individually. (Yes, it’s true.) Instead of ordering the set menu, order the items a la carte. You’ll get what you really want. Plus, food is meant to be shared & it will add a spark of romance to the evening.

Check out the Deals

Yes, we know. Restaurants oftentimes, rack up the prices on Valentine’s Day, but remember you can still score a deal. For example, in 2018, Valentine’s Day lies on a Wednesday, so you may want to take advantage of oyster specials like the $1 oysters on Wednesdays at Costa Palm Beach — or check out the freebies that some restaurants are offering, like a free glass of bubbly and 2 chocolate covered strawberries at 3 of Hearts in Lake Worth. Plus, many restaurants offer wine specials in the middle of the week  so do your research and find out where you can score 50% off bottles of wine (or glasses). As always, be sure to call the restaurants prior to going to make sure their specials are valid on Valentine’s Day.

Plan from the Heart

Everything is better when it comes from the heart, so why not do this on Valentine’s Day? Pack a homemade meal – perhaps with your favorite aphrodisiacs  – and head to the beach (yes, we know it may be cliché, but hey we do live in Florida) or away from the crowds and spend the evening with your loved one.  Challenge each other to make a personal gift (hello, Pinterest) and you’ll be on your way to making new traditions.

Chocolate wins every time

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an all out excursion. Why not start off the evening by cooking one of your favorite meals together at home and then venturing into the city for the afterparty? Or, in our case, visiting your favorite wine bar for wine; a sinfully, delicious dessert; and some live music to cozy up to.

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Up the surprise factor this Valentine’s Day and turn the day into an evening of surprise and adventure by creating a scavenger hunt for your loved one.  Plan the hunt in your house or venture around the city (perhaps, to meaningful places that are important to the two of you) and you’ll up the fun factor putting you both into a playful mood. If you think this is too challenging to plan, check out the printable guide from The Dating Divas.

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