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COVID-19 Update for Palm Beach on the Cheap

With Coronavirus / COVID-19 on our minds, we’re not quite sure what the next days or weeks may bring.  But, one thing is for sure — we’re here to help our community enjoy their time without breaking the budget.

At Palm Beach on the Cheap, we’ve reached thousands or people and businesses in our community and we want to let you know that we’re not going anywhere. We’re dedicated to staying with you through this all — and will continue to outline events and happenings throughout Palm Beach County, though we have no idea how exactly COVID-19 will affect our community.

As you know,  many events have been cancelled and we expect more cancellations to occur. We will do our best to stay on top of these cancellations, especially the major events being cancelled — and mark these in our events calendar.

Covid-19 / wikimedia

COVID-19 / credit: wikimedia

We strongly encourage you to check an event’s official website or event listing on Facebook to verify that individual events are taking place. Remember — that even though an event is taking place, it might not be in your best interest to go. Take precautions whenever you can — avoid crowds, wash your hands, and if you’re feeling sick, please stay home.

Things may be a little chaotic for now, but please be patient — as this is new for all of us.

Helping Small Businesses Affected by COVID-19

Right now, small businesses everywhere are being affected financially, and anything you can do to help them, will help in their recovery — including ordering take-out, buying gift certificates, shopping online, etc.  Palm Beach on the Cheap is also a small business.

***You can help us stay afloat every time you visit our site, share a post through social media, or purchase an item via an affiliate link. Thank you, in advance, for continuing to do that.

On another note, Palm Beach on the Cheap is all about the community and helping everyone out in saving money. Right now, it’s difficult staying on top of everything — so we encourage you to let us (and our community here) know if an event has been cancelled, how you’re passing your time or if you have an idea for a story that might be helpful to others. Please send your ideas to

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