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Get your Bag in 20 minutes or Less with Delta’s Bag Guarantee

Wouldn’t it be great if, after a day of traveling, you didn’t have to wait for your luggage? Well, Delta doesn’t want you to wait — and they have a bag guarantee to stand by their word. That’s right, no more waiting around the carousel twiddling your thumbs wondering when your bag will appear. If your bag doesn’t come within 20 minutes or less, you get 2,500 SkyMiles to add to your account.

The bag guarantee does have some exceptions, but nothing out of the ordinary. You must be a Delta SkyMiles member to earn these points, the flight must be a domestic flight flying within the U.S. 50 and Puerto Rico and the flight must be operated by Delta Air Lines and Delta Connection. The time to the carousel is measured from when the door opens to when it gets to the carousel.

If your bag is late, you do have to submit a claim and then the miles will be credited. You can find all of the details at


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