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Palm Beach Deals: Indoor playground, photography

In these times, we want to help South Florida businesses reach their customers and readers find the services they need. And we all like a deal. So we’ve created Palm Beach on the Cheap Deals.

Businesses can list discounts or deals. Customers can save money. We all win.

During this limited introductory period, there is no charge to be included in this list. You can showcase your listing and add a photo for a fee. Free listings expire after three months. There is an FAQ below with more information.

If you’d like to have your deal included, please fill out this form.


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Palm Beach Service Deals

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Palm Beach Restaurant Deals

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Palm Beach Artisan Product Deals

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Palm Beach Store and Retail Deals

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Palm Beach Cultural and Nonprofit Deals

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If you’d like to have your business included, please fill out this form.

How Palm Beach on the Cheap Deals Work

What constitutes a deal?

A deal can be a percentage off, a free item or a free gift with purchase. That is entirely up to the business offering the deal. It must be available to all customers, not just a few (senior discounts or deals for first responders, for example, don’t qualify). Free delivery or free shipping will be considered a deal during our introductory period, but may not be in the future.

We’re not including garage sales or items up for sale by individuals. And the Palm Beach on the Cheap Deals page won’t be ideal for one-day or very short-term deals. 

We reserve the right to decline to list a deal, or to remove it after it’s been added.

How does a customer get the deal?

Each listing includes instructions on how to get the deal and a link to the business website or Facebook page with details about the deal. Customers deal directly with businesses

How long do deals stay up at Palm Beach on the Cheap?

It’s up to the business. You can list a deal that is good for one day, one week or month. When you fill out the form, you will be asked for the expiration date of the deal. All deals expire after three months. If you are interested in extending the deal, email

How can I give my deal more prominence, with a photo?

You can make your deal Featured for $25 per month. If you post a deal and decide later you would like to have it boosted, email

Can I list an event?

If this is a ticketed event, and you are offering a discount, you can list it. If you want to list a free or by donation event, please list it here.

What if I want more promotion?

We offer lots of other advertising options, including sponsored posts, featured events, banner ads, and social media campaigns. Please email and we can send you a media kit with all the information, and start a conversation about how we can help spread the word about your business.

Questions or problems?


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