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How to Apply for Unemployment Assistance in Florida Without Having the Website Crash

Have you been trying to get through the unemployment assistance website, only for it to crash minutes or hours later? Are you frustrated beyond belief? Well, we’re here to tell you that there is an alternative around it — Say hello to the paper application now available.


The site does state that the paper unemployment assistance application may take longer to process — but if you’re like me, it may save you hours of trying in the wee hours of the night to work your way through the system online. Of course, the system online still “works” and you can start your application here.

To get through the unemployment assistance system efficiently, we recommend logging in at off hours ( I have set my alarm for 3 a.m. multiple times) and having the following information with you and ready to enter:

  • Your Social Security number
  • Your driver’s license or state ID number
  • Information on your employment over the past 18 months, including:
    • Employer names, addresses, and phone numbers
    • Dates of first and last day of work
    • Gross earnings (before taxes) during employment periods
    • Reason for separation
    • FEIN number (on your W2 or 1099 tax forms)
    • If you don’t have a FEIN, use employer details from paystub

Some workers may need additional information:

  • Non-U.S. citizens must provide their Alien Registration Number or work authorization form
  • Military employees must provide their DD-214 Member copy 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8
  • Federal employees must provide SF 8 or SF 50
  • Union members must provide the union’s name, hall number and phone number
  • Your bank account number, if you’d like to use direct deposit. This includes your bank account number and a routing number. Getting a Reemployment Assistance debit card is alternative option.

Have you had luck getting through the system? Share with us your tactics.

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